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Our Principles

Equipment Monthly is an online classified marketer. We do this by taking the information you provide and listing it on our host site as well as our network of affiliates and partner sites. Your information may also be provided to parties that have shown an interest in the type of item that you are selling. Our partners may change at any time and may reject your item if it is missing any critical information. Additionally we will only place your listing on relevant partner sites. Our affiliates will be notified by Equipment Monthly if any information has been modified or the item has been sold. Equipment Monthly will never charge you any additional fees for our services. Please be sure to inform us as soon as the item has been sold so we may remove the listing from our network and affiliate sites. We do not promote stale ads and we will make every attempt to keep your listing fresh and accurate on relevant sites. We also provide third party services for financing, transportation, insuring, inspecting and warranties however these services are not provided by Equipment Monthly. All items are listed for sale by private parties. Equipment Monthly does not collect any money from any buyers or sellers after the sale is complete. All arrangements must be made between the buyer and seller and/or their designated financial institutions. Buyers are responsible for all taxes and registration in their state of residence. Buyers will also be responsible for any costs pertaining to shipping/transportation, travel and fuel costs associated with taking possession of the item. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these matters or your item(s) listing please feel free to contact us at anytime by telephone or email and we will address your concerns in a timely matter. You may either contact our Customer Support Team directly at +1.877.685.4294 or email to [email protected] we will promptly advise you within 24 hours.


We cannot guarantee the success of your listing however we will make every attempt to market your item with the information you have provided to us. Many factors including price, location, condition etc may affect how quickly your item sells. Equipment Monthly does not make any claims or warranties to have a specific buyer available for any given item and does not warrant or guarantee the sale of any given item within a specific time frame.


Our services begin at the time your payment has been received. Ad content and photos are the responsibility of the item seller/owner and your listing will be created within 72 business hours of receipt of payment, although typically most listings are created within 24 hours. Equipment Monthly cannot control buyer conduct or market conditions and makes no warranty as to when, or if, any given item will sell. As such, maintains a no-refund policy. If your item has not sold within six months we will continue to market your item for free or until you request removal for extenuating circumstances. Equipment Monthly will only honor a refund request within 72 hours of payment, however cancellations will be assessed an administration fee for placement of your listing.